Decentralization in Cameroon: Does Paul Biya give up ballast with the Public Independent Conciliator


A decree from the Cameroonian Head of State signed yesterday, December 24, fixes the modalities for exercising the functions of this character in the North-West and South-West (Noso) regions, which has become a hotbed of tension since 2016 with demands from English-speaking Separatists.

As part of the effective implementation of decentralization, the President of the Republic His Excellency Paul Biya, yesterday signed a decree determining the modalities for exercising the functions of Public Independent Conciliator in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon, who should be underline it in broad outline, enjoy a special status.

Concretely, each the North-West and South-West will each have its Public Independent Conciliator. As a result, Le Public lndependent Conciliator is an independent authority with regional competence. It has legal personality and enjoys financial autonomy. The Public Independent Conciliator of the North West Region has its headquarters in Bamenda, Department of Mezam. That of the South-West Region has its headquarters in Buea, Department of Fako. They must reside at the headquarters of their respective administrations. Admire especially in photo the traditional outfit of the North West which is the identity of Cameroon on the international scene.

Source: 237 Online


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