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The Yaoundé regime is preparing a dynastic succession in Bangangté. We are heading towards clashes.

The election of a mayor in Cameroon has never aroused as much tension as what we have been witnessing for several weeks already in Bangangté. The conflict which unofficially opposes the President of the Senate Marcel Niat to the Minister of Town Planning Celestine Kétcha Courtès is likely to engulf the entire Ndé department. Contrary to the popular will which is displayed during the meetings, the president of the Senate is decided to impose his son Eric Niat as the first citizen of the commune to the detriment of Lambert Tchoumi. A dynastic succession which must have gone badly within public opinion. For editorialist Célestin Biake, the population « is serious and determined, especially as they know the winding and problematic journey of the offspring presented to them. »

Bangangté in manipulation

Bangangté my department, handled by a few patients, wants to pass after Mayor Kouamo’s death, the unpleasant pill of a problematic name to his succession. To speak of dynastic succession here in the first degree, would raise unnecessary controversies with reflections like « where do you see that? » « Yet we are not so far from it since it is to another degree that it is happening and it is bypassing that we are talking about.

Let’s make no secret of the matter: a Niat son is at the heart of the problem and by dubbing he is positioned in this succession. What the local people refuse. Unfortunately we almost got there due to lack of quorum, everything had to be resumed.

Why has there not been a quorum, forcing the plotters to take it all over again, when it comes to men from the same political party? This is where the Gordian knot of the problem lies and how much interest we have in this curiosity.

The Bangangté, phlegmatic as they are, remain indecisive moaners and more seriously, rebels allergic to all forms of servitude. Even the one who does not want to say her name and insidiously seeks to coerce them into another disguised form of allegiance.

The whole problem is Father Niat Ndifenji Marcel. The former mayor himself of Bangangté, Senator and 2nd personality of the Republic and therefore baron among the barons if there is one, bears a name that sounds unpleasant in the current Nde. Not for the party he serves but for the people. The man and his name are cataloged as the concentrate of bulimia in everything: power, land, authority. And if by developing this intemperance for everything he let a few other people breathe, we would forgive him somewhere.

But no! The scum that he is, is everywhere, wants to rule everything, to possess, to subjugate and to shine for him and his family. “Tatcheut” of his ndap of the soil annoys. But then frankly. At odds with his consanguineous brothers and the superior chiefdom, we cannot forgive his untimely land grabbing. 15,000 hectares of land for him alone is estimated in Ndé is this reasonable? Is he in the process of creating his Principality? It all goes wrong. We still want to pretend to forget his blockages when he was mayor for the development of the municipality.

To come back to our concern for succession to the Town Hall, it is indeed the population, not at all oblivious to the inequities of this name, which puts pressure on the municipal councilors so that the quorum is not reached. She is serious and determined, especially as she knows the winding and problematic journey of the offspring presented to her. Should we talk about it? No. His French nationality is enough to disqualify him and logically he should be very small in his corner.

What must be understood behind this scheme is a test balloon that the chiefs of the Rdpc in the Bamiléké region want to experience. To dare a deception of dynastic succession to confuse this people in their fierce opposition to mutual agreement which is simmering and profiling itself elsewhere. In short, to show how in their so-called legendary deceit, they are able to fiercely fight what they tolerate in them. Let’s take some wisdom there.

Source: Cameroonweb



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