Cameroon – Operation Sparrowhawk: Former Mindef Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o cracks at the TCS


Exasperated by the legal harassment, former Mindef Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o blurted out in court on Monday: « You will postpone the hearings until when? « 

According to our colleague Le Bled Parle, the former Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of Defense (Mindef) and former Minister of Transport Edgar Alain Abraham Mebe Ngo’o reacted thus on December 28, 2020, at the Special Criminal Court (Tcs) of Yaoundé following the announcement by the president of the collegiality of the suspension, then the postponement of its hearing to a later date.

The hearing in the Mebe Ngo’o case has been postponed for February 2, 3, and 18, 2021. The court ruling was not to the taste of former Mindef. Sitting in his box of the accused, he decided to speak after the pleadings of his lawyers.

According to the former transport minister, the order, which refers him to court, was posted on social media. Suddenly, his family is thrown into popular reprisals. “The order that refers me to you was posted on social media. My family is being thrown into popular retribution. You are going to postpone the hearings until when, « he lamented.

For their part, the collective of defense lawyers believe that the military court is competent to judge his client. Me Assira, meanwhile, pleads for the French court to hear this case, given that the latter was seized well before the TCS.

The lawsuit pits the public prosecutor, the State of Cameroon, against Messrs Mebe Ngo’o Edgard Alain Abraham, Mbangue Maxime, Mboutou Elle Ghislain, Menye Victor Emmanuel, Minla Nkoulou Bernadette marries Mebe Ngo’o. Respondents are accused of corruption offenses, embezzlement of public property (Dbp), breach of the market code, taking an interest in an act, aggravated money laundering …

Source: Le Bled Parle


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